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Private Photography Lessons For Kids And Adults

Whether you are a complete beginner or want to hone in on a particular set of skills, you will benefit from my one-on-one tutoring. Each lesson is specifically tailored to your skill level and interest.

Have you tried using your camera only to be disappointed with the results? Bring your camera with you and you will learn and practice your tools to be able to handle any photographic situation.

Are you wondering what goes into creating a perfect shot? Learn secrets of composition so that you can take better pictures with any camera, whether it’s a smart phone, point and shoot or a DSLR.

Do you want to confidently switch to a manual mode but don’t know how? I’ll teach you about the exposure triangle (aperture, ISO and shutter speed) and lighting. You will be proud of the photographs you will create.

These personal, one-on-one lessons are tailored to your needs. Please contact to reserve your preferred time.

* Beginner to Advanced. For ages 7+
* Private lessons are offered 7 days a week by appointment

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