mentoring workshop

Mentoring Workshop

Prepare for a full 8h day of learning and inspiration. Join me for a 1:1 mentoring experience that is completely customized to your needs. I’ll show you how I work from start to finish. My workflow, my editing, preparing clients for their photo shoot, posing, styling, studio lighting and natural light. We will cover it all! We will spend some time shooting in my studio and/or on-location in the Chicago area- your choice of the beach, city or nature or all of the above. We will go over posing children and families, professional editing, marketing, branding, social media, business, outsourcing, working with a retoucher, and finding your voice.

After you book your mentoring day, we will have a phone conversation to determine your goals and tailor the day to your specific needs. Please note that you should be able to use your DSLR in manual mode to attend this class. Bring your favorite lens – 50mm, 24-70mm, 85mm, or 70-200mm, as well as a pen and paper and a laptop with Photoshop on it.
This is a hands-on workshops and you will be able to use all the images taken at the workshop in your portfolio.

*Photographers within 50 miles of Chicago are not permitted.

$950.00 8 hours