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1. How do I book my session?

You can book your appointment right from the website or you can reach me at edyta@edytagrazman.com or 312 730 4149.

Please choose a session type to book your spot now.

2. I love both your studio work and on-location portraits, which session type should I pick?

I would consider both an aesthetic perspective and logistics when picking your session type.

Studio sessions are shorter (around 60 minutes) hosted in my spacious West Town loft. We play, we dance and we get silly. The highly controlled environment gives us many opportunities to capture the essence of each person. These portraits look modern and clean and have an editorial feel to them.

Another great advantage of a studio session is predictability. The weather doesn’t affect us. If it doesn’t cooperate, we won’t need to reschedule which can be the case with an outdoor session.

On-Location sessions are typically around 2 hours. These portraits look more dreamy and while you are still the star of the show, the surroundings become an element in the photographs as well.

Some families are more relaxed in the outdoor environment as opposed to a studio, so consider what might work best for your family. I have several favorite spots in Chicago that I recommend using for these sessions, but I am also open to your suggestions.

3. Do you offer mini sessions outside of your studio?

No, at this time mini sessions are only offered in the studio twice a year- around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

4. Do you suggest a location for our outdoor session or should we pick it? 

During our pre- session planning call, we will talk about what kind of look you are going for and whether you have a preference for a nature setting, beach, or urban look. I have several favorite locations that I know photograph well but I’m also open to your suggestions.

5. What if we can’t do our outdoor session on our scheduled day due to unforeseen bad weather or child’s health?

Rest assured, we will quickly reschedule and get it done. I’ve been shooting long enough in Chicago to know the weather is unpredictable and sometimes we all need to be flexible. Typically, we wait until the evening before or the morning of a scheduled appointment to evaluate poor weather conditions and make back-up arrangements for our session. There is always the option of moving from on-location to a studio session if you prefer that to rescheduling.

6. What should my family wear to our photo session?

I will guide you towards making wardrobe choices for you and your family to make sure the final product is truly perfect given the location and the personality of your family. We’ll talk about it during our pre- session planning phone call. Generally speaking modern, casual yet chic, uncluttered with a touch of subtle elegance works great with my style of photography.

7. What if my kids don’t cooperate?

Kids are kids and they are perfect no matter what so don’t worry about it. Having my own two children taught me to be super-relaxed, patient, and persistent. We all know life with babies and toddlers can be chaotic but my goal is to capture the personalities of the children including all of the beautiful quirks and expressions. I connect with my subjects easily, we play and have a good time and we always get great portraits.

8. I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Can you make me look good?

Absolutely. In fact, most of my subjects feel uncomfortable and part of the magic is being able to relax everyone and bring out their best. I have years of experience in portrait photography and know many techniques and best angles. You can be assured I’ll capture you in the most flattering light and pose. I’ll give you tips and guide you through the process if at all needed. We will have a great time and you will look fabulous!

9. How many images are included in my proofing gallery and do you retouch our pictures?

Your proofing gallery will include approx. 25-30 best images from your session (both in color and black and white). All portraits presented in your proofing gallery will be fully edited and artistically enhanced.

10. How long after the session will our proofing gallery be ready?

It typically takes 2-3 weeks after the session for your proofing gallery to be ready. Your proofing gallery is password protected and shared with you on-line.

11. How long after we place our order will our products be delivered?

Prints and albums are normally delivered within 1-2 weeks. Purchased digital files can be received instantly. Framed prints and canvases can take up to 3 weeks to be in your home.

12. Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, it’s one of the best gifts you can give to someone! 10, 20, 30 years from now these portraits will be cherished as priceless family heirlooms.

You can purchase your gift certificate here.