​6 Steps to Prepare for Your Family’s Photo Shoot

So, you’ve decided to get family photos taken. But what do you do next?
Here are 6 steps to prepare for the big day ​so that your photo session is successful and fun!

Photo of a child and momin Chicago
1. Find an experienced photographer. Do your research, read reviews online, and look at their website. ​Do you like their portfolio? Do they seem credible and as though they’re an expert in their field? If you are going to invest your time into doing family pictures, make sure you choose a photographer you trust, who will produce work that you love!

2. Plan your location and wardrobe. Once you find the right photographer, together you can figure out the location that best fits your needs​. Are you drawn to pictures taken on the beach? In the city? Nature? Or maybe you love the classic studio look? Your photographer will help you explore your options and determine the best spots for your portrait goals. Once you choose your location, you can start assembling outfits that look best in that environment. At Edyta Grazman Photography, we guide you through style and color choices that best fit your location. Check out our what to wear guide here.

Picture of a family in Chicago by Edyta Grazman
3. Give yourself enough time. Make sure to set aside time in the morning or afternoon​ before the photo session to get everyone ready. Have your outfits ready, including back-up options if you think you’ll need them​. Give yourself plenty of time for makeup, a full meal​, getting everyone into the car, and so on. Again, ask your photographer questions beforehand! Remember, you’re not alone!

4. Sleep and eat! Get a good night’s sleep and leave time for a full meal the day​ of your session. These are very important steps because you and the kids will​ want to be well- rested and well-fed. Photo shoots are fun, but they can also be draining, so you’ll need your energy!

5. Get the kids ready. Tell them about the upcoming photo shoot and talk about how exciting that is! Be genuine, your children will sense and share your excitement. Make it fun, tell them how awesome it is that you all will get to be models for few hours and do something special​. Help them think about what poses they might try or how wide they can make their beautiful smiles.

Photo of sisters sitting hugging by Edyta Grazman

6. Assemble supplies. Bring snacks! But not ones that stain, or melt, or get stuck in your teeth. Good snacks: crackers (in moderation), dried fruit, and cheese sticks. Do not bring chocolate, suckers, or dark-colored beverages like chocolate milk or juice. ​Water, a hair brush, and lip balm can come handy as well!

Once you’ve arrived at your session and it’s showtime, try to relax and let me work my magic!

About the author

Edyta Grazman is an award-winning child and family portrait photographer serving Chicago families. She specializes in custom on-location and studio sessions and is committed to providing exceptional photography experience. She creates timeless imagery for her clients and offers a variety of boutique products to preserve their portraits.

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