Celebrate Mom- Mother’s Day Portrait Sessions

Moms tend to hide behind the camera. They are the unseen faces behind most photos of precious little ones. Rarely do we find a mother’s smile in front of the lens. But one day, 30 years from now, while spending the holidays looking over old family albums together, the kids will want to see that Mom was there with them.

To all the mommas out there: your children will want to have photographs with you.

I love photographing women and their children—it’s a subject close to my heart. Too often, moms hide behind the camera with all sorts of reasons why they don’t want to be pictured: their hair isn’t perfect, their outfit isn’t right, or their body isn’t something they feel proud of. But we forget that, to our children, we are perfect. They love us to pieces the way we are right now. It isn’t about your ideal look, whatever that is for you; it’s about harnessing those beautiful moments with your family, which you’ll treasure for decades to come. It will never be about how good you looked in that dress, but about the love that can be felt through those images.

Motherhood comes with tremendous amount of joy and a lot of hard work. We do everything for our children—we feed them, clean after them, change their diapers, we drive them to all their activities, and we love them fiercely. Motherhood can be exhausting!
As a mom, not only do you deserve to do something special for yourself, but you also deserve to be a part of your family’s legacy. A Mother’s Day portrait can be an eternal way to honor your motherhood, not only for you, but also for you children to look back on.

I invite you to participate in my Mother’s Day “Celebrate Mom” Sessions.

My Mother’s Day Sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate you, Mom. They will be focused on your connection with your child. I’ll capture your love and your bond in the most beautiful way.

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I cannot wait to capture the love between you and your children!

Mother’s Day Photo Shoot

About the author

Edyta Grazman is an award-winning child and family portrait photographer serving Chicago families. She specializes in custom on-location and studio sessions and is committed to providing exceptional photography experience. She creates timeless imagery for her clients and offers a variety of boutique products to preserve their portraits.

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