5 Easy Steps To Taking Better iPhone Pictures

5 Easy Steps To Taking Better iPhone Pictures


iPhone camera technology has gone a long way, making many of us equipped with decent cameras right at our fingertips. But what are the secrets of making our iPhone pictures look great?

You have probably been there, you took a picture of a lovely scene just to be disappointed with how it turned out on screen. Don’t get me wrong. There is A LOT that makes a photograph great, and I’m not suggesting that iPhone photos will render pro-quality just because you know a few basics. But consider these tips, and you will no doubt improve your iPhone photography! These are the exact steps I think about before snapping a picture with my iPhone camera!


1. Keep your pictures simple.

Be intentional about what you include in your frame, and strive to keep your photos as clean and straightforward as possible. Before you take your photo, take a moment to assess the scene and pick an angle that focuses on your main subject and does not include unwanted elements. You may need to move around a little, which is a great habit to get into. If you are in a busy or cluttered environment, try to get close to your subject or change your viewpoint to avoid distractions. Simplify the scene, eliminate distractions, and make it very clear to your viewer what your picture is about. This will help your photographs have a strong visual impact.

2. Keep your main subject off-center.

Chances are you have heard of the rule of thirds before. It helps you compose visually impactful, balanced images. To apply the rule of thirds in your photography, you have to imagine that your shot is divided into nine parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines. Your main subject should be placed at points where they intersect. This will render a more engaging image rather than putting your subject right in the middle. You can enable a rule of thirds grid on your iPhone camera so you can see the lines and compose your image even more accurately! In your phone, go to “Settings,” scroll down to “Camera,” click on that, and you will see “Grid “as one of the options, enable that. It’s a helpful tool to use when composing your pictures!


Rule of Thirds Example iPhone Photography


3. Use creative angles. 

Most amateur photos are taken from the hight of a standing adult and a straight on point of view. It’s the most convenient way because it’s how we see the world. Change your perspective, and you will take your pictures to the next level! Try to take your photos from a low angle (my most used method). Or get down to your subject’s eye level (super powerful). You can also try shooting from above your subject, below your subject or from a side angle. The idea is not to be obvious. Be creative and experiment! The good thing about digital photography is that you can take many photos and only keep the ones that work! Taking many pictures from different camera angles rather than taking many almost identical photographs is already a big step up. It means you are already ahead of most people. You will most likely discover your favorite angles for different scenarios fast and have your favorite look you can repeat for future photos.


Example of Creative Angles in Photography


4. Edit your photos.

This is where the magic happens! There are uncountable editing options made for iPhone photography, as I’m sure you know. I’m going to only share the ones I use regularly. My personal favorite app to edit my iPhone pictures is called Snapseed (can’t live without this one). It’s mighty, and it’s completely free. You can fine-tune your photos with great detail manually (which is my preference) using the “Tune Image” option. Or you can use one of the predesigned filters Snapseed offers. The nice part is that they have a full page of tutorials right in the app if you are lost. The other editing app I like is Photoshop Express, made by Adobe Co. It provides some excellent tools to allow you to apply adjustments on your own as well as a whole library of predesigned filters to choose from. It’s worth checking out!


iPhone photography guide editing example

*One click edit using filter called “Morning” in the Snapseed App.


5. Turn your pictures into black and white. 

Great lighting is a big part of making photographs look stunning. However, we have all been in situations where the light is less than ideal, and we are unable to get the colors right. Pictures taken with mixed or artificial lighting will often render skin tones looking wonky and all sorts of color casts. You may have blown highlights, or your image looks too dark or grainy. Once you convert these pictures to black and white, all that disappears! The deep shadows or grain will only add to the character of your photo, so don’t be shy and make is black and white. You will love the timeless look 


Black and White pictures taken with iPhone

*Edited with Black &White filter called “Bright” and increase in contrast in the Snapseed App.


There are fantastic photo opportunities all around you, so pull out your camera and

HAVE FUN, friend!


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Edyta Grazman is an award-winning child and family portrait photographer serving Chicago families. She specializes in custom on-location and studio sessions and is committed to providing exceptional photography experience. She creates timeless imagery for her clients and offers a variety of boutique products to preserve their portraits.